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6MC Series

The all-round tractor from John Deere
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Everything that bigger tractors offer. Except size. 6MC Series Tractors

The tractors of the John Deere 6MC Series are related to the 6RC Series. Both of them concentrate the qualities and capabilities of bigger tractors into a more compact and manoeuvrable format. Proof that, to be great, you don’t have to be big.

The John Deere 6MC tractors are very capable and versatile machines. They can be specified with either 2WD or 4WD, and any of the three available PWX engines. Choose between either PowrQuad Plus 30K or PowrQuad Plus 40K transmissions. Both provide smoother, quicker and more comfortable shifting, and are exceptionally easy to use.

You will enjoy superb all-round visibility – even with a fitted front loader – and if the access to some of your buildings is height-restricted, the Low Profile cab option is for you. 6MC tractors are GreenStar ready, with ISOBUS capabilities to enhance your productivity. Pressure Compensated (PC) hydraulics are standard, with the option of upgrading to a maximum flow rate of 80 l/min.


  • LIMITED SPACE, UNLIMITED AGILITY. Working in confined spaces has never been easy, and without the right equipment it’s close to impossible. John Deere 6MC tractors have been purpose-designed to perform brilliantly in and around smaller farm buildings, space-restricted farmyards, and on awkward hilly locations. Their compact footprint and short wheelbase (2400 mm) with a tight turning radius make these tractors manoeuvrable and agile.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE. INTEGRAL CONSTRUCTION. Front loader work comes naturally to 6MC tractors. They have a built-in advantage over their competitors: the John Deere Full Frame design. This sturdy double backbone resists the stresses and twisting forces caused by uneven loading, making 6MC tractors unbeatably stable performers in and around your farmyard. The immense structural rigidity also protects drivetrain components from the negative effects of twisting forces.
    Base spec transmission with electrically-controlled reverser.
    Left hand SyncReverser is located in a convenient and ergonomic position underneath the steering wheel, mounted on the dashboard and increases productivity by relieving the right hand at operations like headland turns or loader work.
    Oil-cooled wet clutches ensure efficient and smooth forward and reverse shifting even under load in conditions like loader work.
    The Forward to Reverse Ratio of 1: 1,1 modulation allows a quick and convenient forward-reverse direction change.
    SyncReverser transmissions only available with 30 km/h.
  • LESS STRESS, MORE PRODUCTIVITY. Because the 6MC tractors are built on the John Deere Full Frame principle, the cab and its occupant are already isolated from most driveline vibrations. Stress and fatigue are reduced while productivity rises.
  • IMPRESSIVE EFFICIENCY, SINGLE FLUID SIMPLICITY. The John Deere PowerTech PWX High Pressure Common Rail engines in the 6MC tractors provide all the necessary muscle for your operational tasks. These 4-cylinder, 4.5 litre engines combine the reliable simplicity of wastegated turbocharging with advanced emissions control technology, and are Stage III B compliant. And thanks to the John Deere Diesel Only solution you can forget about additives.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS, MATCHING TRANSMISSIONS. All John Deere transmissions combine proven design with innovative power-saving technology. The result: assured reliability, intuitive operation and low servicing costs. Choosing the right transmission will contribute towards your productivity and efficiency. There are two versions of the PowrQuad Plus transmissions that can be specified for the 6MC Series, one enabling 30 km/h on-road running, the other delivering a maximum of 40 km/h.
    The lifeblood of a tractor is its hydraulic system, powering PTOs, hitches and front loader. 6MC Series tractors can be equipped with up to four selective control valves and a 65 l/min Pressure Compensated (PC) system, with the option of an 80 l/min PC system.
  • COMPACT DIMENSIONS. EXTENDED VERSATILITY. The PTO is available with 540/540E/1000 rpm options, and PTO speeds can be selected from inside the cab. The integrated front hitch with a 3000 kg lift capacity, perfect for carrying ballast and front implement operation. This front hitch can be combined with the integrated John Deere front PTO and is, of course, fully compatible with John Deere front loaders.

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