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TEDDERS  |  Pottinger
Tedders with 4 to 12 rotors
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Losing tines during tedding is not just annoying, it also puts animals and following harvesting machinery at risk. 

„Heavy duty“ tine with a long service life

  • The „Heavy Duty“ tine ensures reliability. The curved shape of the mounting supports the tine, making it more effective and harder wearing. 
    Benefits: the tines are much more durable and need to be replaced less often. The tine saver security system is integrated into the holder.
  • The unequal lengths of the tines make a significant contribution to improving the spreading quality and extending the service life.
  • In addition, this unequal length is very important in ensuring clean forage.

HIT - tech double ankles

Robust double universal joint transmission has freedom of movement in every position. Dust-tight needle bearings. Even when raised rotors are free to rotate. Totally safe against errors in operation.

Heavy-duty transmission - large diameter shafts, heavy-duty gears and long-life constant velocity joints.

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