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Bulagro and Partners on a trip to the magic Seychelles

Our trip to the Seychelles was planned for the end of 2020, but unfortunately the pandemic forced us to reschedule it. All participants in the program "Bulagro and Partners around the world" were enthusiastic and more than anxious to visit the magical island. And they were not dissapointed at all!

At the end of October the first group set forth and a week later the second group followed. With smiles on their faces and passion for new adventures in their hearts, our clients and partners spent eight unforgettable days indulged in luxury, calmness and joy at the Constance Ephelia hotel, which is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mahé, with a view towards the national sea park Port Launay. 

Undoubtedly the most impressive things on the Seychelles for everyone were the warm blue waters of the Indian ocean, the impressive greenness of the island flora, the ancient fruit Coco de mer, which cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet,  the tasty food, delicious coctails and last but not least - the picturesque sunsets. 

Every participant in the program felt the Seychelles in their own way and left the island with a part of it in their heart. This adventure gave us fresh power to face the challenges of the upcoming year.

Special thanks to all of our clients who trusted us and chose to live this unforgettable adventure with Bulagro!

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