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World premieres and plenty of interesting proposals for the autumn campaign from Bulagro Machines at BATA AGRO 2021

The long-awaited agricultural exhibition BATA AGRO took place from June 1 to June 5 at the Stara Zagora airport in Bulgaria. It passed under the sign of increased interest and unprecedented number of visitors from the early hours of the first exhibition day. More than 20,000 people came to see the largest agri expo on the Balkans, which is a record compared to the last expo in 2019 (15, 400 visitors).
The stand of Bulagro Machines, which covered 1400 square meters in the prestigious first place on the central alley of the airport in Stara Zagora, welcomed farmers with premier machines, interesting and innovative proposals for the upcoming campaign.
A definite hit was the premiere of the new attached stubble cultivator PÖTTINGER TERRIA, which has a wide range of applications - from shallow stubble cultivation to deep preparation of the seedbed (from 5 to 35 cm). TERRIA is a modern machine which operates in the field of minimum-till and no-till technologies. It is available in working widths of 4, 5 or 6 meters and as three- or four-row models. 
Other PÖTTINGER representatives at the show included the TERRADISC 8001 T disc harrow with a working width of 8 meters and the patented system of hydraulic accumulators for smooth and even operation, as well as the smaller 3-, 4- and 6-meter versions of the TERRADISC , the SERVO plows in several models, the TERRASEM C6 mulch seed drill, the VITASEM 402 mechanical seed drill, as well as some grassland machines - mounted mowers, tedders and rakes. All of them are offered in Bulgaria with a full 2-year warranty, exclusively from Bulagro Machines.
An important and up-to-date proposal for farmers was the full range of irrigation systems from the German company BEINLICH, which are suitable for those who have decided that they want to apply irrigation on their farms.
The Danish sprayer company HARDI was present at the exhibition with three models - the self-propelled sprayer with an air-assisted spraying system ALPHA EVO 5100 and two trailed models - RANGER with 2500 l of tank volume and NAVIGATOR with 3000 l of volume.
The variety of equipment on the stand of Bulagro Machines was really great - we showed the Danish fertilizer spreaders BOGBALLE, the Italian precision pneumatic seed drills, balers and bale wrappers MASCAR, headers for sunflower and corn DOMINONI, a specialized tractor from GOLDONI, a row crop cultivator and an aerator from EINBOECK, subsoilers with disc section BADALINI, specialized equipment from FALC- rotary harrows and mulchers.
The team of Bulagro Machinery evaluates the exhibition as extremely successful and thanks all its current and future customers for the fruitful meetings and interest in the brands we represent.
We wish all farmers a successful harvest campaign!
See you soon!

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